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That's not how memory works tho, I can remember that I've seen something, not when I saw what. Repost searching goes See Post --> recognize post --> search for post title (either what I remember it being or things that have to do with that post) --> report (though only if it's fairly recent, I can see the value of posting gold that was posted 4 years ago)

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Just memorize what's been posted lol, how hard can it be

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Just don't repost lmao

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You can have socialized healthcare without being a communist mate. Just like you can pay taxes for public roads and infrastructure, you can pay taxes for healthcare. It's not free, and it ***s you over if it turns out you don't need it. It means you end up financing other people's shitty choices while they go for their seventeenth emergency bypass, it means that when the fifty-five year old smoker needs his lung cancer treated you're footing the bill along with him. It means that at this point, I can look forward to a lifetime of paying into a healthcare system I'm not going to make much use of, because as it's been going, I'm not an alcoholic, not obese, not sickly, not a smoker, not a junkie, and haven't been to the hospital in almost a decade.

Now, I may not take a financial hit like it is described in this post, but I'm going to lose money, constantly, for the next six decades or so at least, without having anything to show for it except for the hypothetical gain that should I need it I won't be ***ed.

To be entirely honest, both set-ups have downsides. In the US you're ***ed if you get injured, in Europe you get ***ed over if you don't.

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"At another point in history it was wrong to not allow people into the country, ergo we should always let in everyone! Unless you like Hitler of course!"

Nah nibba, *** off. I'm not even American and the concept of just letting in everyone is ludicrous. There are legal ways to enter a country, if you ignore those and break the law to come in you ought to be kicked out.

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Ball is allowed to bounce once, doesn't have to though

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Clearly experience should be the deciding factor. If not Early Member, then at least 6 year club

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Source is "friendlyjordies" youtube channel

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Memethief making OC, I love redemption arcs

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White people do opium

I hate this place, but I have nowhere else to go.
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