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Thousands and thousands of euros have been spent on integration programs. They don't work because the people in question don't want to be integrated. What they want is to live in their neighbourhood full of compatriots and vote for Erdogan whenever they get the chance, while speaking Turkish to their children and taking them 'home' for the holidays.

I have no reason to believe that the migtants coming in now will be any more willing to integrate.
Further issues arise when we look at the education level these migrants have; according to the principle(not sure if this is the right word in English) of the Hamburg university two thirds of the migrants they're getting from Syria are functionally illiterate, which only increases the burden placed upon the host countries. Sweden is another example of this; just looking at PISA scores from the last decade shows a depressing decline in the level of education the average 'Swede' enjoys.

The people in Calais haven't been shoved to Calais, they've been stopped and held up in Calais while on their way to England. I've traveled through there recently and saw no fewer than three seperate groups of migrants attempting to climb into a truck when it was stopped at a traffic light or similar.
But that's not relevant to the prevelance of crime within Turlish and Moroccan neighbourhoods in my country, or Turkish neighbourhoods in Germany, or Algerian neighbourhoods in France. These people were not shoved into shitty places. Areas like the Schilderswijk in my city used to be quite nice, before they became infested with people out on the streets making a nuisance of themselves at all hours of the night. Their presence led to the places becoming shitty.
They are a burden, and I have seen no sign that any but the outliers will ever be more than that.

But even if, hypothetically speaking, we managed to get these migrants to be a gain rather than a burden, that still doesn't answer the question of what damage that does to the region they've left.
Who will rebuild the cities when all these men in the prime of their life have left for greener pastures? Who will get the economy going again when all these motivated young men are working in agriculture and manufacturing in Europe? These migrants will not return to their home countries unless forced, as you say, they seek a new life, so what happens to the women and children, the old and feeble, and all others who couldn't or woulsn't make the trip to Germany or Sweden?

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The biggest source of muslim extremist terrorism in Europe is second and third generation outsiders, that's entirely correct.
Letting in massive amounts of refugees won't lead to a direct increase in terrorism caused by them, but they're going to have kids, and their kids will have kids.
That means we have even more second and third generation Muslims, who we have just identified as the problem group.
Is it not logical to take steps towards reducing the number of second and third generation Muslims in the future, seeing as they are a burden and a threat?

This first generation will be a burden and a cause for rising tensions and crime rates, the second will be tge same and a threat. All subsequent (ever growing) generations will (statistically) remain a burden and a threat.

My country imported large amounts of Turkish and Morrocan workers as cheap labour in the seventies, and now, just under five decades later, half their (grand)children has a criminal record, we've spent roughly 140 billion euros on them (as of a 2014 estimate, IIRC) and they are a general nuisance. In any city there are areas the locals avoid, in the Hague, it's the Schilderswijk(where there are occasionally demonstrations with people carrying ISIS flags and shouting about killing Jews), in Rotterdam you have the Bijlmer, which has more gun crime in a year than the rest of the city combined, despite having under 5% of the population.
What do these places have in common? A massive majority of Morrocan and Turkish people.

It's not worth it. Better to, as KaNoMiko said, invest in keeping people alive and safe within the Middle East. Not necessarily in the same country, but in the same region at least, to ensure that they go back when the conflict is over.
This has the added bonus of not draining the region of able-bodied men.
Well over half of the migrants going to Germany, Sweden and the like are men aged between 18 and 35. These are the people that a devastated region relies upon wheb rebuilding, and now there are millions here who will not go back, thus dooming the region to be in disrepair far longer than they should be. A brain-drain of sorts.

Taking them in is a burden upon the countries doing so and upon the countries they're fleeing so far away from. It is only an advantage, not a necessity, to the individuals themselves. It is a loss to everyone else.

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Aww shit

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I have done nothing and thus likely made negative gains.
I do not wish these doubled.

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I know this might sound edgy and shit, but 60 mins is EZ.
Might want to switch hands at some point, buy even on one arm one could easily go 90 mins.

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> food : sometimes

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> 1000 rounds

If the number of rounds does not equal or exceed the number of bourgeois scum then the number of rounds is inadequate.

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there was a surreal moment where I just accepted that this was a possible actual thing that he posted as a joke.

Gods above, I love politics.

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Is it throwback thursday come early?

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I haven't been able to see the actual like, since it was obviously deleted as soon as people were aware of it, but if you just look at the trending for twitter you'll find numerous people discussing it, including a bunch of verified accounts, along with screenshots of the like.
Could all be a hoax, but I haven't seen anyone claiming credit yet

I hate this place, but I have nowhere else to go.
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