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> When you're a dude named Garlic Bread

I ***ing knew it was a girl's name, *** you dad

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Oops, misunderstood what you meant then. Any way, for my reply to "exploitation of other countries means you're not a succesful country" see my reply to plsdontbanme

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The question (as I misunderstood it) was whether there existed a succesful capitalist country. By my standards a country is succesful if it can provide a decent standard of living for all its citizens and ensure their security. Whether or not a Dutch corporation is exploiting poor people in Bangladesh or not is not relevant to the success of the Netherlands as a country, but more of a mark of Bangladesh's failure as such.
To me, ethics and success are not related. If a government acts unethically towards its own citizens it is a failure, but only because it is failing in its duty to ensure a decent standard of living for its populace, not because of the unethical acts themselves. I see no obligation for the Netherlands to ensure the entire world is happy, safe and secure. I believe it is only obligated to see the Netherlands and the Dutch people are happy, safe and secure. Any others are secondary and only necessary to the extent that they make the Dutch happier, safer and more secure.

To posit that the countries exploiting others are failures because they exploit others seems wrong to me, because it assumes that to be successful one must also be good. But when good is determined by cultural values instilled in us by our environment, how can we say that to be successful we must be good?
Succesful is fairly easy to understand; something is succesful if it does as it is intended to do.
Good, on the other hand, is whatever the speaker was taught is good.
Saying that being succesful requires being good would mean that succesful is no longer a particularly useful term, because it would rapidly devolve into a question of "do their actions line up with my moral compass" rather than whether they were succesful at what they aimed at doing.

I agree entirely that exploitation of other countries is disagreeable, I just fail to see what bearing it has on the succesfullness of a nation.

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I'm in the Netherlands and everything looks pretty neat. Nobody's starving, nobody's going to the gulag, you're free to say whatever you want as long as you're not inciting anyone to commit violence, if you can't get a job you get welfare until you do, if you fall ill you can go to the hospital and get fixed up, and so on, and so forth. There aren't masses of homeless people, there's no massive drug problem, there's no civil war and there's no militaristic regime.

The only 'issues' I can think of are wealth inequality, which is really only an issue if you're an envious person for whom "I have enough" is not enough, but must become "I do not have less than that person", and people taking advantage of the welfare state we have.

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I'm surprised she didn't get shot while saving the daughter, there's an obvious chink in her armour

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Sends shivers down my spine tbh.
If I were as thin as she was you'd be able to see them

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I wish they'd add a screenshot or something of the post to the banned notice.
At least I'd get a laugh out being banned then

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What'd you post?

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This is what buddhists try to avoid being reborn as.
This is everything anyone should want to avoid being.

I hate this place, but I have nowhere else to go.
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