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Lmao that's literally all consumer products.
Really, men should just be proud they weren't willing to pay more for it.

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The best bit here is that someone saw that and screenshotted it within seven seconds.
Not a thought to the tragedy, just boom, screenshot, make meme, move on. What a time to be alive

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I try to avoid getting caught up in personality cults, but I like a lot of what he says and I like how he articulates it. I sympathize with him and genuinely believe he is trying his best to do what he thinks is right.

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We've come so far in 5.5 years

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Friendly reminder that Anthony Goldstein *** bragged about being a pureblood, turned against Harry in book 2 and spread lies and misinformation about when Harry revealed he was a parseltongue.

Congrats Rowling. You had one jew and made him a lying snob who spread misinformation about food people.

Also Rita Skeeter was obv. a jew.

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Well put, how could anyone claim that's pedophilia?

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haha wow they made loli into a real thing

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Jordan Peterson's "interview" on channel 4, by Cathy Newman

I hate this place, but I have nowhere else to go.
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