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Ever thought about going for some walks? Just taking a walk through your town or city, even but a block or two. The change of scenery might give you some new perspective and be a catalyst for deeper introspection. You could try thinking about what your applications look like that might be detracting from your profile, rather than adding.

An SO is difficult, and the unfortunate reality is, it won't come on its own. An often said statement is that you shouldn't try to force relationships or force feelings, which is true, but it's often also taken to mean that a passive position, one where you assume it just 'happens' to you, is the proper way to go about relationships.
That is not the case. If none of the women in your circles are interested in dating you, the goal should be the meet new women. Keep the other women in your social life there and alive, because they can provide a perspective that's otherwise missing from your life.

As difficult as it is, life isn't going to happen in your room, or your appartment, but out there. Once you're out there, life can follow you home. Be sure to be brave enough to let it inside when it comes knocking.

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>Be European
>Post a Cat girl
You're calling the people from HiddenLol that way!

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Explaining Sartre's philosophy of existentialism badly:
> This meme

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Never quite got that. The Harad worship Sauron, a literal demon who has the f*cking nickname 'THE NECROMANCER'; Sauron, the one who has nine undead servants, one of whom is behind the Barrow-wights; Sauron, who has thousands of years of being the go-to guy to avoid death and becoming a ghost, THAT GUY is their boss, but once they see other ghosts they're like 'oh no, let's run away cuz it's spooky'.

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Where's Wiings?

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Who names their kid paint?

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Didn't know J.K. Rowling was on Hugelol

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There's no Queen of England. The last queen of England was Queen Anne (1655-1714), who reigned as queen of England and queen of Scotland before the Act of Union, and queen of Great Britain afterwards. Queen Elizabeth who is currently the head of state of the UK isn't queen of England and the queen of Scotland and the queen of Wales (which was a principality, not a kingdom anyway). She's the queen of one entity called Great Britain, not queen of two or more separate entities.

(Unless you want to take her full title into account, which accounts for e.g. rulership of Jerusalem).

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This dude right here