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how many times are you gonna use that word in wrong context...

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yea ok cool but why the fvck everyone thinks NFTs are just those ugly monkeys or some other equally ugly drawn animals, or some pixelated shit anyone could draw in 2 minutes...

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maybe if she didn't pull them shorts up to armpits it would look kinda ok-ish...

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tom89's childhood :)

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why would I punch a duck in the eye tho...

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huhuhu :)

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who gave him black eye?!

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I wanna say "duality of man" but that creature at the bottom is no man...

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don't even ask, no idea :)

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didn't have any, but watched few lads get weird on them, kinda panicky trip. and if done wrong it can hurt you, because it's poisonous in trip-worthy amounts, unless you extract LSA somehow, but read up on it yourself because I don't know much on it and could be wrong