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This is true, but this strawmanning is also the reason why i can't take it seriously.

Also no idea how comfy is downvoted, i guess people just want to live in their strawman world.

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What a horrible way to force in a door, does she want to have paraplegia or something

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So thats why everyone keeps telling me im such a smart boy, i thought it was from eating all that dirt.

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So i can safely assume you are a white cuck then?

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Atleast my ancestors were ahead of its time, and we cleaned stables of rich trading enterprises while living on minimum wage. Same as now.
Good to be dutch

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I find it offensive that you put all HL commenters in the same box, this is why i moderate two unrelated gaming discords to make people woke against this injustice.

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Everything is still going really well, getting scared it will effect my meme skills in the long run.

Luckely i did not have that much skill to begin with.

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So i take it that the key to happiness is faulty rope?

On the question, depends on the situation, sounds like one of the parties involved did something wrong.
If you are the one making a mistake, its better to come clean sometimes, if they find out the other way around you'll never work in the same field again.

But im having a hard time imagining a company that rewards bell ringers with promotions, even if its benificial to them.
More often they give promotions to personel they still see value in in the future.

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Thats your ass in the air, be ready to receive warning shots in the back.