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So you are Team Jacob?

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How to survive NNN: Exhibit A.

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Do not give up, do not give in. NNN is a month of self control, not of excuses.

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You had a dream about a girl you haven't met in real life yet. Some of the supposed benefits of NNN are being more sociable, outgoing, confident and attractive to the other gender. Perhaps give it a try, you never know if your dream girl could be yours.

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Hello, bartender here.

First of all, sorry for opening the bar at 10:00 pm GMT instead of the aforementioned 7:00 pm GMT. I was caught up in social duties and could therefore not properly host this event.

Second, as some of you may now, No Nut November (a month of abstinence of masturbation as a means to gauge one's mental strength and self-control) has arrived and we therefore applaud anyone who has pledged to partake in this endeavor.

Third, the year will soon be coming to a close. This Friday's Feels Bar is therefore in the spirit of remembrance and reflections about the past 10 months.

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Why not assume the opposite?

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You know what is even better than a big tiddy goth gf? Attaining equanimity and a tranquil mind in the face of an inevitable death.

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'Vanilla' in this specific context refers to something conventional, basic or uninteresting, such as no fetishes, BDSM or other peculiar sexual acts.

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If there is a heaven, then surely Bob Ross is giving painting lessons to angels.