Rules of HUGELOL

Fight Club got its rules. So does HUGELOL. You should comply with these community guidelines when using HUGELOL.

This page was last changed on: 30.03.2016.

1. HUGELOL is just for Fun.
We are a community of funny and creative content. If you want to share Terry Richardson's shots, your boyfriend in sunglasses, or any other unfunny content, HUGELOL isn't for you.

2. Not everyone finds the same things funny.
The same content you may find unfunny or boring someone else (especially the uploader) might find funny. In this case, simply downvote the content and move on.

3. Show respect for those who create/upload.
The community is the heart of HUGELOL and the uploaders are the ones who drive it. Without it, there would be no HUGELOL.

4. Get involved.
Post funny pictures and videos you create or discover. Like the posts which make you laugh. Leave comments. There's a lot going on and a lot of ways to participate here.

5. If you're funny, you get likes.
If your post is funny, you will get more Likes. Don't plead for Likes or conduct polls in the title or content of your post, e.g. "Like this to spread the word!", "Like if you're a man", etc. If your posts don't have any Likes, take a good hard look in the mirror -- you just might be not funny enough.

6. Play Nice.
Be considerate and polite. Don't harass, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others. Bad conduct may result in a warning or termination of your account.

7. Moderate your content.
Violent, racist, adult or straight up illegal content is not allowed on HUGELOL. If you would hesitate to show the content to a child, your mum, or Uncle Bob, HUGELOL is not the place to post it. Violation of this rule will lead to prompt termination of your account.

8. Don't repost.
Search for dupes before posting anything. If you just want to save a post in your collection, use the Like button. There are two ways to find reposts: either through the search bar of through the "repost search" on the post itself.

9. Report abuse.
Everyone hates spam and abuse. Report to us if you find any. You can report any post or user. If you want to let us know anything else, you can contact us on our personal account.