Help: Frequently Asked Questions & more

Frequently Asked Questions and more are answered here. This is a good resource if you are new on HUGELOL, or, if you are an experienced user, to completely understand how the more complicated features work.

What are the main ways to participate?
The main ways to participate is by uploading posts, writing comments and upvoting/downvoting posts and comments. Writing and submitting good (funny) content will get you likes and earn you Karma.

What is Karma?
For creating and submitting good posts and comments, you will earn Karma. Everytime someone else likes a post or comment of yours, you gain Karma.

What is the Fresh Page?
The Fresh Page contains ALL posts (with a score of at least -10 or higher) in chronological order. This is the place to be when you can't get enough of HUGELOL and always want to stay up to date. Posts from Front/Rising are included here.

What is the Rising Page?
The Rising Page is the place to go when you've read all posts on the Front Page. It contains funny posts with a score of at least 10 or higher. If a post on the Fresh Page receives at least 10 points within 24 hours, it gets moved here.

What is the Front Page?
The Front Page contains the very best posts (with a score of at least 50 or higher). Recommended if you want to get the funniest posts in the shortest amount of time. If a post on the Rising Page receives at least 50 points within 24 hours, it gets moved here.

Are there Hotkeys?
J - Jump to next post
K - Jump to previous post
L - Like current post
H - Dislike current post
C - Show comments of current post
O - Open current post in a new tab
Z - Zoom in on current post

Can I change how my profile looks?
Yes, you can change how your profile looks anytime in your profile settings.

Can I permanently delete my account?
Yes, you can permanently delete your account in your profile settings. Warning: this cannot be undone and we will not, under any circumstances, restore your account. You will have to enter your account password as a security measure.

Can I change my Email?
Yes, change the email of your account in your email settings.

Can I change my Password?
Yes, change the password of your account in your password settings.

Can I change my Preferences?
Yes, change the preferences of your account in your preferences settings. You can also restore the default preferences suggested by us.

How can I message another user?
Use the messages tab to chat with other users.

How can I contact the Administration?
You can send us a message or contact us through our contact form (for business inquiries use the latter).