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>Everyday (Non ABC) Asian things

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Of course but if youre on the same wavelength then you already know its nohomo

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I realize that this conversation is just useless. I dont even know what im saying anymore. Either way, does it really matter?

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What I mean for abnormal is that their not freaks of nature. You said that they were happy accidents but really, theyre mostly animu guys that are cute.
Yes its normal to be a male and loomfemale but are they "happy accidents"?
I was defining what a trap is and youre misinterpreting what I mean. Traps are males that look like females.
And if your talking about normal, Im faitly certain a large portion of the internet is A okay with traps, I bet you like traps too.

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But theyre traps because they look like girls and are guys and not because its abnormal.
a happy accident is what people would call the lurkers and regulars of this website.

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Is it weird to like traps?
Vanilla fags plox

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Theres nothing more in life than anime and memes

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nanking massacre best day of my life

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In remember my friend had people over one time.
He let some friend into his room and when he went in to go sleep he saw them jacking each other off in his bed. They asked him if he wanted to join but he just kicked them out, this was not his first rodeo seeing his acquintances masturbate in front of him.
>he has not masturbated since middle school.

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Why does it say stop?