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Is that the equivalent of a french person joking about a white flag or have I not gotten something?

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They didn't came throu the winter, they were the winter.
Russians found bigger than them that day ^^

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When they banned cookies on the promenade des anglais in Nice, and some truck driver left the keys in.

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I didn't remember what comment you replied to, and for 3 seconds thought you were talking about "social snowflakes (sjws)" who stopped armies (ideologies), and told myself "wth with this guy".

Indeed, but don't forget the mongols.

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Poor guy lost his mind...

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Fixed it.

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"The home of ANAL_DESTROYER69'

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I prefer this one more, when talking about ww2.

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Indeed https://ifunny.co/tags/sealion/1463512286

Sorry for the cancer link.

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According to wiki, around 2-7% of mens are gay and only around 1% of women. That means there should actually be a deficit of straight men.
Now we can really feel bad because this means we are the reason of our own failure.