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He reincarnated into a 2D loli

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Another impossible standard of beauty for women.

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In this case, I wonder; what makes the difference between a monarchy (like western europe had 200+ years ago) and a modern dictatorship. Even though I am conscious that I do not know the SA king's real life, I am pretty sure that he has another way of governing than, for exemple, Muhammar Guadhafi.

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meh, I'm not really convinced. I don't like SA but I'm sure there are more retarded devils.

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Nah, XP worked.

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I was gonna upvote your comment, but then I remembered....

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I would feel bad for women if I wasn't practically sure the people who worship lolis and pillows are, by this fact, automatically excluded from any type of competition including women or contact with the other sex in general.

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Saudi Arabia is a kingdom, not a dictatorial islamism (they don't fulfill all the conditions to be an totalitarian regime).

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Let's take the trip further.

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Because it's sexy as hell.
Pic related.