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2013: creation of hugelol as an alternative to 9 g a g (it became unfunny after a few years).
2017: look at hugelol now....

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Not sure if it's a joke about HL's rotation theory.

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I like that Ned Stark. I hope he'll quickly solve his problems and comes back before this "winter" he talked about and then live a long life in his peaceful nord territory.

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Pussy still cleaner than some chick ones.

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Please don't shut up :)

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Well I don't want to do politics or whatever, but massive uncontrolled non-integrating immigration is what killed it (or at least what finished it).

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Makes more sense!

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The fact that OP called them "visitors" kind of answers "who's the retard".
Or maybe she was voluntary saying it while looking away so both of them would think about the other, making them both retard in the eyes of their mom.

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Or not vaccinated enough, like the hdl communauty is.