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Posting random shit hoping people find it remotely funny

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Nope, random picture found on the web.

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Current club generation: : "we're all retarded, this is not funny"

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The joke is relevant if the milk is kept as a general unit than a specific card. That's the whole purpose of it. Independently of the expansion druid cards in general are extra strong, I didn't want to use a specific card. Additionally the milk is self-explanatory as being good cards due to the presence of Hearthstone and Malfurion. Man I love defending my memes.

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Not sure, get the address , see if you can join the fun.

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Yep, I'm sorry you didn't get the joke.

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So due to the fact that you aren't up to date with hearthstone expansion releases you claim that I don't realize the format, yet somehow it's you who are incapable of understanding the meaning of this meme.

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Uhm... why?

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Did you turn on the sound?

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Yep, I officially regret my permissive vote in the anime survey.