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Well than take Holodomor as an example.

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I'm talking about America because in james meme there is a US flag above the corpse.
You can't really take Africa as example for failed Capitalism. Not only the consequences of Imperialism but also the extreme Corruption and Inability to maintain a good infrastructure of their local governments but also their trading economic policy (extremely high custom duties, therefore make any imports nearly impossible 6 concentrating the own economy on only one good). Additionally in lots of those African countries valuable resources were found in the last few years and thats always bad for the macroeconomics (dutch disease). So in conclusion it's the leaders that failed not the capitalism (the argument commies use ever since Communism exists).
And I'd ask the thousands of eastern Germans that tried to escape the Communism and the economy in eastern Germany, that is still a lot weaker.

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Even though this is a bait:

How many Americans starve to death every year? I'd be surprised if its three-digit. In comparison to that during the great leap forward 20-40 millions starved. So I'm pretty sure we're better off with capitalism.

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Once you visit 4chan or HL you can't cure the autism. The only way not to get it is prevention. (Same with vaccines ofc)

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What is BnHA?

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It's a cyanobacteria (or blue-green algae).
These were one of the first forms of life to occur on our planet, and they have a huge impact on all later coming species because they were capable of photosynthesis therefore filled the atmosphere with oxygen (which wasn't in it originally).

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Gotcha fgt, you said you'll never read greentext but you did read mine

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Don't act like it would be something special.

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isn't the 51th vote the one that takes you to top?