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Reminds me of this, similar level of stupidity

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Hey now

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This just means you have to fight phoenix skeletons which is even worse

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They're gonna change the narrative when they realise you can't be fat to play soccer

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Definitely. I've been wondering about this every time this pic popped up. Was the top part created for the purpose of the meme only?

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Thanks for making me realize how ***ing shitty my life is. In this moment, I am in sorrow. Not because of any phony dictator's torture. But because, I am enlightened by my insignificance.

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Isn't this something that was written on a cell wall in Auschwitz? How much of an edgy *** do you have to be to claim your lazy and convenient life is as bad as being ***ing tortured, starved and genocided?

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Here we see a rare situation wherein a manga came AFTER the anime

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How to pass time - slap a steak on your head and watch people's reactions

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There is honestly nothing behind it apart from elevating the shitpost to negi-1000 levels of backward chromosomes. As I do not want you to live unhipple life you are welcome to laugh at this fat pigeon