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Nigga what.

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Don't remember asking.

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Damn thats the first picture I ever saved in my folder.

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"Dick Helicoptering" itensifies.

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Blaming all the muslim people is retarded. But labeling those people that might be afraid of the muslims as bigots is also retarded. And I am not reffering to the racists/far right ones, you cant take their opinions for nothing, but to the everyday normal people.
Citizens of a country have the right to feel safe in their homelands. Agree or not, crimes commited by immigrants are very common in the late yeas (take for example sweden and the unofficial report of Peter Springare). Europe has gone through a lot of shit and there are still wars and tention between nations here. The last thing people wanted will be an uncontrollable by the governament wave of people with A LOT of cultural difference from ours, when the most of them are not accepting to change for a new country, but riot for the country to change for them.
People shouldn't die for bs, because their government DONT WANT to deal with the problem cause apparently they think it is racist to enforce immigration POLICIES. Take for example korea which accepting 200 refugees for the next 4 year. They know their limitations and how can immigrants be a problem, if they uncontrollably flood their country. Is south korea a bigot countrty?
Immigration should be dealed with sctrict policies, and not some stupid "welcome refugees" signs, because it is a problem that can be hardly reverted if it established ( I've lived in rural city with same kind of problems and the crimes commited by minorities is unbelievable high). People not feeling safe. establishing no go zones. But yes lets call them bigots.

Ps: Seeing a young woman broken in half, after the Nice attack, who was only there to have fun and ended with a bunch of muslims accustomed to violence filming her dead body filled, full with apathy, really turned it for me.

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This fish is literally hitler

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It's lit fam 100 100

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