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I guess I should stop wondering about it. I mean there are tons of girls who do porn, so why shouldn't they do this? Man, it just bothers me that I am unable to understand these people.

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***, that sounds scary! I hope I will never have to suffer this confusing and twisted state of mind.

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Whenever I see stuff like this I wonder where the producer got the girls from. Did he just put 'Need sexy woman to dance half naked - half in a goat costume' into a forum or sth?

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4-Chan retard: *stupid, obviously made-up story*
Hugelol (me included):

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Can somebody explain what the hell happens here?

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This isn't even a suicide meme anymore. It is just depicted suicide wtf

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I was about to make a joke about white supremacy because I didn't even notice Sam's comment.

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Am I missing something?

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I think that - generally speaking - if someone has enough time to moderate anything without getting paid he tends to have a sad real life and a lack of accomplishments

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Thanks man! Apparently I understood it halfway it just seems so normy.
I like your comparison better!

I am no Memelord, to be honest with you. But I will be one. I live for the Dank! Memes is what I need more desperate than the air i breathe.
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