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wtf is the deal with all the anime/animation VIRAL posts dominating the front page all of the sudden? it's getting unbearable

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The 10 last posts of this kind were all from VIRAL not actual users??

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prove it

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rumor has it theyre different

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Some of my best friends actually have no arms

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Heres a great deconstruction of the movie's real message https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpxHFNvlUmU
Thank me later

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"The problem is that equality of outcome doesn't work by boosting a group it only ever works by punishing or restricting everyone but a certain group."

Great logical flow up to this point, but it is not an either or sitauation. U need to employ both simultanously to get results

Game Theory and empirical evidence from areas such as managing common pool resources show that punishment mechanism are a prerequiste to its sustainablity, but only when combined with the presence of willful cooperators (people who continue to behave according to the preset rules despite others taking advantage of it.

Operant conditioning in child development also shows that the combination of both Positive & Negative reeinforcments is much more effective than when only one of them is employed.

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whats the name of the 2 girls>?

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I find it e little far fetched to believe the controll is absolute in universities.

Don't you think that at least a fraction of professors in education are well-meaning, highly-critical and pose some type of a barrier to the complete corruption and controll of universities?

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aah i see we have men superior intellect and discipline over here that boast on escaping the claws of social media digital improsoning while lurking on memes as an exactly identical form of escepasim and fryer of dopamine receptors