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I'm suspecting you and Von Baron are the some person.

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This is totally not jrlol3's alternate account.

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This can only occur if you lack the ability to emphasized your achievements.Always give your best but always make sure you get recognized for it. That's way more productive, satisfying and rewardful way of working.

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Oh sweet baby Jesus you enabled mature content. Shame on you Farris!

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*Reposting a post that was already reposted from viral

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Totally not staged...

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Posting random shit hoping people find it remotely funny

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Nope, random picture found on the web.

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Current club generation: : "we're all retarded, this is not funny"

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The joke is relevant if the milk is kept as a general unit than a specific card. That's the whole purpose of it. Independently of the expansion druid cards in general are extra strong, I didn't want to use a specific card. Additionally the milk is self-explanatory as being good cards due to the presence of Hearthstone and Malfurion. Man I love defending my memes.