memewerfer · 1 points ·
are you having a stronke?

memewerfer · 3 points ·
one good kick and his leg folds in 20 places kek

memewerfer · 1 points ·
had to google it, and the absolute mad man really did it...

memewerfer · 6 points ·
big "9mm bullet can rip your lungs out" energy

memewerfer · 1 points ·
man buying them for his gf will look like regular dude, and not silly retarded caricature with wig and shitty makeup on ;)

memewerfer · 1 points ·
I guess they could only filter out retards in wigs and shitty makeup? you know, the obvious ones?

memewerfer · 4 points ·
I'd rather live a monks life than fvck a corpse or animal... the fvck...

memewerfer · 5 points ·
there was a local ugly hoe in my hood that fvcked her dog, she even made a "pay to watch" business out of it...

memewerfer · 1 points ·
they're onto you agent, execute emergency plan...

memewerfer · 1 points ·
they both look oyveyish...