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Those are 2 things Dummkopf.

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I seen it, I been it, can't delete it, feels like jail.

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"Oh i don't WANT to kill the capitalist pig dogs.... but you know, if i HAVE to i guess its alright"
"Socialism is good" Citation needed.
You don't want women to feel uncomfortable and undermind in the workplace? By what, a memo? A colouege? I don't know about you but I'm not really concerned with how they feel. By "seriously confront" you mean fired right?

"I also think holding these views is bad. I don't want to waste my time with anyone who is holding these kinds of views."
Yeah it would be really nice if people didn't have communist views, that way i wouldn't have to deal with them. God, I wish the nazis didn't hold their views either, than those jews wouldn't have died. Man, think of all the problems we can solve in this world if people just didn't hold "THOSE" views, amirite?

So essentially, women and minorities feel uncomfortable when someone doesn't like them and google should fire them because resolving the problem in another way is in no way possible.
Don't get me wrong, racists and sexists should be confronted about their views, and they should be sanctioned if because of their views they harass people or make them feel uncomfortable. But there must be a better way of doing this than "you're outta here". But holding such views should not be a problem itself, because if it was than we would have to establish a thought police to make sure people don't have the wrong views on the world.

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1.1) The point was that the ideas change because there's a shift in power behind the change. There's nothing about the "goodness" of an idea that makes it automatically prevail in the end.

I remember saying that sometimes good ideas prevail and sometimes bad ideas prevail. So we already agree on that.

1.2) I believe that power lies within the people. The politicians the propaganda makers could try to sway public opinion, but this can and has backfired in the past. I don't believe that the people "in power" are as powerful as you think. At this day in age, with the internet and access to many sources its going to be extremely hard to change the value structure to one that allows for genocide. Its still not impossible though, I do believe you can get people to live in caves again if someone had such power (which, at the moment no one does). And yes, not every german supported the nazis and the holocaust, some even hid jews in their houses to save them, and yes you can commit a genocide with enough people not being bothered enough to do something about it, "conformity".

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Welp, here you go again, taking your years of experience against my amature argument. before I address your point i want to ask you a few questions. Do you think I understand most of the things you are saying? Do you think i need to understand what you understand to have an argument with you? If you don't think I do understand why do you even bother arguing with an idiot like me or why don't you dumb it down. From spending quite a few times reading your long thought out discussions, I get the impression that you are the smartest person on hugelol.

1.1) Yeah, when new people come to power they always talk trash about the previous group of people in power. Class struggle and what not, I saw a video on Marx and he said "oh everytime something changes its because of the struggle between the 2 classes". I don't see how thats relevant though. Ideas still change throught time, this is true weather or not what Marx said was right or not.

1.2) Its not that genocide is a bad idea that prevents it from happening again. Its our values that will wind up preventing it. And here is where I really wish I read more of your fancy books. As pretty much all of us learn history at some point in our lives, we all at some level understand the Holocaust. As we understand the holocaust we are less likely to repeat it since as of right now we value human life (Some human life, im sure you can make a point on how we don't value millions of people who die from preventable deaths, thats a common communist argument). I don't believe in the great puppeteer both the far left and far right seem to agree on. That some big unknown faceless entity like the media or the jews control things and they can just sway public opinion to turn a blind eye to a genocide. You also have this idea that "the nazis" are different from "The people". You're mistakenly assuming that the people you think are "reasonable" can't fall for Nazi propaganda and their "reason". Maybe i think Highly of myself, but I don't think you can convince me to kill the jews. At best you can get me to say that I support killing the jews in fear of social ostracization, but good luck ostracizing me for not being a nazi before not geting ostrisized for being a nazi.

2) Arent you circulating communist propaganda, trying to garner support for the construction of the gay space luxury communist utopia? Don't you deserve to be fired from your job for trying to get us to kill the capitalist pig dogs? To be honest I haven't read the memo either, but I'm pretty sure the guy didnt wrote "Women shouldn't vote" on it, or something that "attacks women". As for the part about being fired for posting something privately I have to ask, have you ever thought about killing someone? Have you ever had any such thoughts that if you said out loud you would be in big trouble? Of course you have, we all have, its part of the human condition. As far as we know everyone in google could be a misogynist, just better than the memo guy at hiding it. So whats the point of punishing someone for being wicked when we are all wicked in one way or another. Perhaps you can make the argument that simply having those views isnt the bad part, the bad part is making them public. After all, murder is a crime, but thinking about it isn't. Now the question remains should talking about murder be illegal. I think what we really need to consider the reason behind why google fired him. If it was to "correct his views" they failed at that, if he was a sexist he is gonna be even more sexist now since he is frustrated because he lost his job. If it was to protect googles image as a progressive company than sure, they can do that, but I see great potential on how people's views will be sways by threats of unemployment, and getting firing a good worker because of morality goes against my capitalist interests. If it was because he really was harassing women or minorities in the workplace, than google is well withing their rights to fire him. And now the question remains if his memo was really harassing women and minorities.

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reeeee nigga reeee i posted this

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I still don't know what that thing is supposed to be.

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god damn those white nationalist who support free speech

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