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I mean the guys everyone claims controls the world from behind the scenes.

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Sand Nig celebrating like they actually did something...Bruh wasting ammo they'll need when the Jew elite comes for their asses

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Date Movie

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Dirty and ugly are two different things. Also that has nothing to do with the fact that they're whiter than most of europe rn. tf are you even arguing at this point lmao

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Im one of the whitest most self hating Africans in existance.

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I see him everywhere...

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I call bs. Sofia is way cleaner than any US city I've been to (besides Austin) AND London as a whole.

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Tf are these names...Half are in Russian and some are like Abn V ...

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There are more white people in Bulgaria than Germany and the UK combined . It's pretty homogenous. I haven't seen a black, asian, indian person yet...I've seen some arab refugees as of recently.
There are no-go zones full of gypsies though but they seem to stay there.
Visually they aren't exactly like Russians but there is a similarity.
At this point I wouldn't make fun of them cause they're whiter than most Euro countries. When that changes I'll move back to Sweden.

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Haven't really looked into it but I haven't had any problems in stores/clubs and a friend of mine works for a UK based company that only accepts english speakers.
Working online seems to be the way to go, internet is cheap and ultra fast 1Tb unlimited for like 20 euro lmao. (investing in real-estate here is also a good idea, I've gained more than 30% on my investments here)

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