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How you actually look like

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Tell me you're rich without telling me you're rich lol

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Fur >>> feathers

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I don't know if its because I'm not used to it or if I got a particularly bad location, but I had KFC a year ago after 10+ years and that thing was nasty. It was leaking fat and it didn't even taste good

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If you mean physical health, sure. But your mental health will 100% suffer regardless. Not being able to move properly and do things really decreases how much you're able to enjoy life, stablish good relationships, learn hobbies, etc
I was fat from early age to 16 years old and even though I'm fit and healthy now in my 30s, the mental scars of being a fat kid still exist (and maybe some physical too that I won't find out until later in life)

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Shocking. God really works in mysterious ways. :-(

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Hahaha wholesome and based

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Mate, the guy is a rich businessman. He knows that if he kills the bad guys, there will be no demand for a rich dude cosplaying as a superhero anymore. He is playing 4D chess with Gothan and winning

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Funny until you find out how much HR costs the company and therefore why you can't be paid better lol

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POV you're my gf and I'm about to c*m

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