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I would like a czech style pilsner pls.
I'm an old lurker, but I've just signed up to write this. I got to know a girl couple months ago from an Uni project, whom I like speaking with, we got along, but nothing too serious coz' she is a lesbian. She said she wanted to meet me couple times, but sadly we couldn't.Two weeks ago she invited me to eat and chit-chat, but at the last minute she cancelled, as she was hangover. I replied with: well,ok, and from that time I cannot reach her, this was on last saturday. I don't know what is going in her mind, but she doesn't reply to my messages, I think she set messenger to ignore my messages. Because of this, in this week I wasn't feeling it, she was the only one whom i speak every day, I became very depressed, idk what to do, is she angry with me or not, if she is, what did I do wrong.

End reached.

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