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I'm not really trying to counter this because I mostly agree, but I would say that developmentally there are very specific markers to hit and someone who is above the age of 25 will probably not get smarter regardless of education, however if their education and mental game practice is maligned through either lack of practice or mental illness I'm sure a smarter person could score lower than intended there is a point of failure regarding much smarter people of course but a depressed genius type is hard to really properly address as well. Really there is just a lot more for us to learn here, but as far as the genetic differences between the races and avoiding nonconforming outliers, there is a substantial sociological argument for intelligence being at least 50% genetic

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I'd definitely agree. I only propose that people whom consider there to be a general take to be fooling themselves. I also consider this to be a clear rebuke of HDL considering that's exactly what it became outside Instagib constantly talking shit to them. This place was clearly more entertaining and level-headed. I simply wish to mention that there is no way to have true discourse without controversial opinions being addressed. I think this is a good take by Kantbot for that even if it is designated for specific parts of twitter, it is important that more people imo see this statement as it lets people know this idea isn't a foreign concept, which is reinforcing ironically of avoiding this type of thing, while simultaneously advocating that people do not get stuck attempting to conform for the sake of fitting in. In closing and probably the reason I will see downvotes here is I declare that everyone is a little bit racist, classist, and seeking this sort of conformity inherently.

roflcopter I typed a whole paragraph

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It is revenge for that strike i got for the torched ***roach

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not for farmers it aint

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overton window's a *** innit lad, plus this isn't about disliking black people inherently

the problems in society are now resolved, no more keeping them down. Freedom.

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there, I made it original

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damn what does this delete button actually do

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as far as I know it was just a very popular aesthetic used in their media, the reasons of which I haven't tried to discern, but it is a pretty good one, I've seen it used apolitically but that's the only other context I've seen it