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Yes, but I think we can agree that there are many other movies way less nuanced and way more apologetic towards war than Private Ryan.

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I laughed out loud at that moment. That's kinda the show's thing : acting veeeery serious about very silly things.

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Well that's the thing, that person opens his car door at the time that he wants because that's his ***ing right, at that moment he doesn't see anyone that he could impede. The blame is on the bozo sliding in at 30 km/h, impervious to anything and anyone around him.

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Is that adressed to me ? I don't even have a car, this is the opinion of a pedestrian/cyclist. Just this week I almost got trampled by two bikes and a motorcycle. So I know that most drivers AND riders don't check shit.

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Where is this from and where can I purchase it on Blu-Ray ?

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"That's the bestest comment I've ever seen, nobody has ever seen a comment like this in the entire history of Hugelol. Not a shame at all !"

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How are any of you not out in the streets by now ?

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I can only assume you're American.

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My guess is that his ass splat in half due to the physical effort.