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This is a sincere thank you for keeping on doing what you are doing day in and day out. I think you are doing a very good job given all circumstances going against you, such as user to mod ratio.

I salute your dedication to this community.

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Girl 1: "Ugh, what's that smell? It smells like hot stinking garbage!
Girl 2: "No, no, it's much worse than that, it smells like something crawled up a hole and died!"
Girl 3: "Girls... I think I know what it is... it's a Hugeloler outside of their basement."
All of them: "Eeew!"

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Happy Birthday panie!

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It's finally Friday boys!

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"The Bethesda Middle East Office is responsible for altering Bethesda games to be acceptable for release in Middle Eastern jurisdictions[¹]. For example, Bethesda Middle East altered the 2011 video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to have all female characters wear burkas, which are non-removable[²]."

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Yeah, you're a true Legion fan? Why do you pronounce it as Ceasar and not Ceasar then? Checkmate, NCR-tard.

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"Yeah I feel like me and Deku are pretty similar in looks, I'm a little hotter maybe"

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Hello Spinachglue! Everyone on Hugelol is welcome to join, the only thing you need to do to become a student in Memeology 101 is essentially to participate in the monthly exam. Of course, the monthly exam gets much easier if you partake in the meme classes posted 1-3 times a week. This is done by going into the comment section of my posts titled "From Today's Meme Archives: [Meme name]" and reading (and commenting, if you like) about the meme featured in the class.

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Welcome everyone! Thank you to all who participated in May's classes and took the exam. We had another large turnout this month, which I'm very happy for.

But now, what you've all certainly been waiting for: the May grades.

As a reminder, the grades are as follows:

1-4 – Fail
5-6 – Passed
7-8 – Passed with grace
9-10 – Meme master

Anyway, without further ado, let's begin.

First, we give a round of applause to our record-breaking ten (10!) Meme Masters of May. I didn't think beating April's record was going to happen this quickly! Of the ten Meme Masters, six got full marks. These were:

mezer (Top Student of May, see https://hugelol.com/lol/675343, with the closest guess of 13.5 grams)

And those who were just a tiny point off the full score were:


Great job to you all, you truly are Masters of Memeology, all-knowing of memes of times past.

Then, we have those who Passed with Grace:


Very good job to all of the above, your knowledge of old memery is apparent from your strong results. Perhaps you will be a Meme Master next month?

Continuing on, we have those who Passed:


You did good gang, showing good, stable know-how regarding memes of yore. I'm sure I'll see some of you in Passed with grace next month.

And lastly, we have those who failed:

xPeterxGriffinx ("Stewie's little butthole" is not a correct answer to any of the questions)
Valerie ("Cóck" is not a correct answer to any of the questions)

So that's it class; celebrate or contemplate your results a little, then go enjoy the rest of the day.

Also, here are the correct answers for the April exam:


The correct weight of the letter to the Hugelol Admins was 23 grams.

(What it contained? A mini onion, in case Shrek is working in US Customs and Border Protection nowadays).

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This month, there was great competition for the title of Top Student in Memeology 101; we had a staggering 10 different Meme Masters, of which 6 were in contention for being the Top Student! However, there can only be one Top Student and that is no one else but the person who has won the tiebreaker:


With a guess of 13.5 grams mezer was the May student who both got full marks and was closest to the correct answer (which was 23 grams). Congratulations mezer, you are a genuine Grand Meme Master. As such, you will also receive this month's 25€ Steam Gift card! Spend it on whatever you wish; I won't judge.

So, a last round of applause for this month's winner: mezer!

Now, you curious boys and girls (and people wearing programming socks) to see your grades - go to the following post: https://hugelol.com/lol/675344