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momma didn't raise a quitter

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i really wanna learn about that racist book but that video is 2.40 mins long holyshit

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yeah this site is gone to shit.

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please show me were i tried to justify looting , we all know that it's bad and its harming the community.

we shouldnt focus on the looting but the reason why poeple are portesting, and the news and media outlet are only focusong on the looting when in reality the vast majority are peaceful

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lmaoo so you have that picture saved on your pc

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floyd did the time for his crimes and was a free man meanwhile cop was walking around with 17 complaints.

its pointless to talk with you, you go out of your way to find reasons to justify it his killing.

there is no reason at all to bring up his past.

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that punishment is a joke, and his crime record has nothing to do what happned, he didnt risist, and all he did was write a bad check allegedly which tuned out to be right.

but please enlight me on what his criminal record.
btw the cops who killed him was either an angel but i already said that

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the guy there were looking for was already arrested, and the cops were wearing plain clothes and no body camera, they did a forced entry and didn't announce themselves

and dont say they announced themselves cuz if they did the vicims wouldnt call the cops on cops.

even if the whole thing was a big mistakes and cops were just incompetence enugh, we cannot afraid mistakes like that.
they need to take responsibility for their mistakes just like a regular people would.