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Actually cant believe how clever that is

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That door?

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I don't think anyone can answer that question, but i'd say it's a tie, maybe more to the side of non violent people.
Listen dude, you could be the most gentle guy and still like decapitating people in video games.
People act like there's a fine line between enjoying murder in assassins creed and enjoying murder in real life, when in reality the difference between those two couldn't be bigger and to go from one to the other would be an unnaturaly long leap.

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Robin imma hit you with a fugen bat
Hit me whit a what?

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Didn't know it existed, now I got a new shitty horror film to be haunted by

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\/\/ait thats iIIegaI

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I did look at the "lie" in the post, and I'm telling you that (to me) if you play violent video games, you are Less likely to be violent in real life

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Killing people in a video game allows violent people to mentally unleash their violent tendencies without actually hurting people

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Perfectly balanced