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dont you get too confident there, this is still a site by losers about losing, we dont do that sentimental stuff here...

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yah still...

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do i read it right, that it's OP to answer his post?

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ricardo and his juicy smile*

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"brainwashed" lol says the guy who had to pray to uncle sam every morning before school and gets himself ***ed by people like trump every day and still thinks hes being treated well, as the cuck he is...

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The American constitution doesnt grant shit, or how do you explain most of the people living in misery and being in debt for the rest of their lives? They cant even go see a doctor when they need to...

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you can only get xxs and xxl condoms in a pharmacy. and yes, i know, there are also "xxl" ones in the supermarkets, but thats mostly for the mans ego.

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*** manliness "there are only 2 genders" here see my custom knife and my cool viking beard

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