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alright incel what does it matter if the person ***s 3000 times over 10 years with one person or 300 times with 30 different people. doesnt get more loose... as long as she has no stds and is hot i wouldn't care

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ah yes exactly as i remember it. what an important moment in history

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shitposting at it's finest. love you RO

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the reason i won't ever get married

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why would fat girls be better in bed? a slim person is way better to throw around and have fun with

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tummies though

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Obviously everyone has a certain standard of dating. If I'd be on r/foreveralone I wouldn't want to be massaged by the ugliest and fattest girls either and I can still be forever alone. However I have to say dating for women is so incredibly easy that I would have to question the integrity of this thread. Women have absolutely no problem with finding a person that is equal or even one or two points above in terms of looks and get flooded with messages whereas men in r/foreveralone would surely have to downgrade to even have a chance.

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Blonde Bimbo Piper Perri Fcked Doggystyle By Her Stepbrother While Studying