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I don't understand why this got downvoted, good meme

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no upvote then, win win

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Catgirls were a mistake - that old Anime guy

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Duddy, I honestly don't know

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do you tho?

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>plan to raid area 51
>hear Mia Kahlifa will 69 guards
>decide to swap sides to get some sweet Mia head
>sneak in with other geoup of virgins with the same idea
>no security, easy as ***
>find uniforms easily, signs everywhere
>get in uniform
>wait outside with other traitors
>hear the horns blow, Cruel Angel Thesis starts playing
>Oh shit here she comes
>be standing there, already hard as diamonds in anticipation
>suddenly I see them
>Naruto runners start pouring from the hills
>they reach our group, start to circle around us
>no big deal, they can't do anything else
>but then “they“ arrive
>out of nowhere Monster mixed with Belle Delphine bathwater beefed up Kyles start jumping in the circles
>start beating up the other virgins, just be standing there crying
>Naruto runners block the exit, we're at their complete mercy
>Get my head bashed in by Kyle, barely alive, they leave to proceed into Area 51
>Lying on the ground and bleeding out when I finally see Mia coming my way
>Maybe I can at least get a later virgins before dying
>She comes over, I ask her for one last ride
>She takes of her mask, it's George W. Bush
>“Everything according to plan, you idiots took out more than half of you yourself.“
>“But hey, a last wish is a last wish.“
>Starts blowing me
>His lips touched his wifes lips once
>die from blood loss
>Later virgins

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This picture gets weirder the more you try to understand it.

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I hope not