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who tf made that youtube video with all the random images...

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That's wrong.
Bombing Japan did bring peace between Japan and the U.S.

Being peaceful doesn't mean that you won't defend yourself.

Being peaceful means that you won't attack unprovoked.

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Hm, you get used to it. Tragic story - hope things will work themselves out.
It was interesting to learn that there's someone in the house who was on Oprah etc.
There are camera teams in the house every once in a while. Maybe once a year.
He doesn't eat my food and fits through all doors.

I'm an immigrant.
I already knew about him through memes like this before I moved to the U.S.

It's the strangest coincidence that I ended up in this house.

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(I literally live with the guy in the second picture
I'm in the room to the right of that sofa right now)

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Someone please make this - and the caption - into a webm or something