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Did you know one of his sperm is still alive in the Loch Ness ?

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Be nice.
Be as nice as you can.
If they don't appreciate your niceness it's their loss.

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They used be content.
Now you've introduced the ills of society into their lives.

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You know what, I miss the Chuck Norris facts. That was some good shit

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Unironically Pokemon FPS could be dope

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Gigabyte had no chance, it's clear that it simply couldn't reach where it needed to do damage. The defensive design was dope though, that simple rod kept it from being kept on its back.
Hitting the transmitter was a lucky shot, but that didn't give him enough advantage to finish anything. Obviously the fight was over before it started.

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You need to insert the DNA in a bacterial vector before you plate it, and he used the sample swab directly on the plate therefore it didn't work. Also once you have the gene carrying bacteria, plating them with a cotton swab would be very sub-optimal, you should just pipet the solution and spread it with a pasteur pipet. If vectors had been used, you'd see a different coloration because of the additional gene we had to show that the inserted gene was received correctly
Human DNA won't grow on agar plates like this, you would need living human cells, and those are more often propagated in liquid media. With adult human cells being differentiated, you also wouldn't grow an embryo but just more of those cells, like one of those lab grown steaks.

Source : Was a microbiologist and I've inserted DNA into bacterial vectors before when I worked in a neuroscience lab.

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Yes it is absolute hell.

But it has allowed me to win this internet argument at least

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I also know many french people, on the account of being french.

I'm telling you lots of them wouldn't even pronounce license correctly whereas she has.

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Actually that's exactly what the average french accent is like.
You might be confusing it for the french accents you hear in movies, where the actors don't have one but just make up a cute, fake french accent.
Even people using english for their jobs will have that accent because they don't care about how it sounds only that it is understood.

The belgian accent is also slowly disappearing, urban kids today don't have nearly the accent their parents and grandparents used to have in the countryside.