plscometobrazil · 3 points ·
But mostly golf

plscometobrazil · 4 points ·
And sex. She's really hot.

plscometobrazil · 5 points ·
I mean... look at her. What kind of men does it look like she goes out with? Handsome successfull men of course. The type of men that could get any woman they want. With that in mind, what other interest would they have on her other than golf lessons?

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Are these Hugelol's new NFT's? How are their values in comparison to Rare Silver Pepes?

plscometobrazil · 5 points ·
fkn kek'd

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lol the japanese certainly messed up the chinese real good during their time there

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Hey I've had dreams like this

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Nice proflie pic, I kinda guessed Amianas had hobbit feet

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Then 'Fortunate Son' starts playing

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How did the australians decide the fake rabbits are more attractive than the real ones?