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looks like he is getting it now

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his parents literally gave him more than 10k dollars per week during his time at zip2. and he barely contributed anything to zip2, every single line of code that Elon wrote was deleted and rewritten by other staff and his uncle or some friend of his father handled the company and eventually scammed some other tech company into buying it

also he didn't found paypal, he founded which was a failure, he then bought enough shares of paypal to become CEO until they kicked him out because he was a pain in the ass

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no u

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some morons do, but the customers don't have to pay for them to make money if they have adds

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where do you get them?

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no I would rather have a trad wife bot with great cooking and cleaning skills, submissive personality and pulsating pussy with various tightness levels and integrated lube dispenser

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but they could reproduce with modern machines, the robot should support that so that they grow in power as people depend more on them

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but I don't spend BTC, I hodl for life

edit: I mean my friend is hodling for life

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I am not sure but I think its Anna White or something. from my cooming days I remember that she had some serious knockers btw