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Speak for yourself peasant #SemenRetentionIlluminati

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Imagine the toes

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Maybe Emperors and Pharaos only did incest to keep the mutation to themself

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"Not for you"
*pulls out black soul gem*

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Then I guess you only hate the Holocaust because you are insecure

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"she can't reject you if you don't ask her"

-sun tzu

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you think I spend the entire day thinking about his cuckoldness? I go on about my day aswell. that doesn't mean I can't think its stupid, or does it?

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just make sure that she gets all of your attention, like really all of it. Don't even think about other girls and text her thousand times per day to tell her you are thinking about her, also keep telling her that every other guy is an *** and that you would treat her right. The most important thing however is that you do everything she asks you to do, always be ready to drop your own personal life for her, no matter how ungrateful she appears, at some point she will realize that you are treating her better than anyone else and she will fall in love. Trust me, I have never been laid, but I am sure this will work eventually.

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you are so comfortable with emasculation it's kinda hilarious

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look at that guy. you really think he has a harem? at best his wife makes her fattest friend fug with him, so he can pretend to himself that he is getting something back for letting his wife bang every thyrone and chad she sees.