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I am sad the airbag didn't pop out :(

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I am totally not leaving a comment here to wank to it later

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well we do know that one of them left for some troll they only met online because they thought the troll is an upgrade

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like she did
she thought the silver fox is real and pursued a relationship with him. that he turned out to be a troll doesn't undo what she did

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so its his fault that she seeked love elsewhere instead of working on the marrige?
you either try to solve the issues or you leave before looking for someone new.
cheating, even if its with someone imaginary, doesn't solve anything and people that think it makes cheating ok will create problems just to have an excuse to go for the silver fox guy.

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and that intentionally even

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spoiler: only one guy wants to do labour and he is being attacked for it

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internet historian has a great video about that sort of thing

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black people will side with him against jews just because he is black

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> via ad revenue

you mean via israeli donations to destroy the west?

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