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What's in the polemic one?

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What is the value of democracy?

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You get the minimum passing grade for a vague yet technically correct answer. Thank you for tagging along this far.

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I think there's a confusion here and I think it's my fault. Let me try again;

Even if you wanted, as per the previous agreements, you cannot kick antivaxxers to the end of the line on emergency healthcare services.
What is the characteristic or function of the previous agreements that precludes this?

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Not what it says. You get healthcare alright, but you get it last. That right is still preserved, but other people's right is prioritized.

No points for you for this misleading statement. Get the *** out with that shit.

Also, it seems I ***ed up the title, but the point is you can't do that. Do you know why?

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This post ain't political. It's more philosophical, really. I'd rather have no politics on the site, but the line becomes blurred because plenty of jokes are about politics. And if we can't have no politics, I'd rather we have full politics.

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Not necessarily.
If "Rich" means "able to boss other people around" then yes.
If "Rich" means "Abundant in material wealth", then not necessarily.

Don't buy the hype.

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Yeah. Apparently I chose my words poorly on the title, but I mean to say that you can't do that (as per the standing agreements). The slippery slope you offer is a good sequence of examples of the same scenario. There is a more concise name and reason as to why this is not Ok. And that was the challenge I was trying to issue; what's the specific reason this is not doable.

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I don't know if there must be.
So long as oneself exists it is simpler and more obvious to think there's a reason to one's existence; mind that I don't mean "reason" in the same sense as "purpose". Being a lab accident in God's workshop is fine too.

Parsimony is actually not on the side of there being no reason. Justifying the world by NOT justifying the world is bonkers.

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If I could have stopped the propaganda I'd have done that instead.

i'm doing this instead of using twitter which is was what i was doing before after i stopped doing this for a while but i dont mean to be back to it

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