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As someone who works in the fast food industry, it can be any number of things, from a dumbass working drive-thru, an idiot in the kitchen, the orders did not get sent to the back, manager is throwing a fit, they don't care. Customer is being annoying somewhere else, but all in all, yeah, sorry.

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*Carefully plots first joke upon return to Hugelol* . . . . . . .*Unzips*

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If you mean the chat, I'll need a Link in the Message section, I lost my bookmark link.

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Well, I'll miss you when I'm gone. G'luck.

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You try to fit in the Great HL'r category, yet you delete iffy posts/comments and have never tried to just be good, you want a theme for yourself, only 1 user ever made that good. Dr. EeVee. You're a common known user, yes, but not a good one, Vlad.

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5 days for Alpha test, if you're not on that it'll be a little bit longer.

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Doesn't shock me, well, then this website is gone. I don't wanna get myself banned, but it sure would be nice to make the Admins ban one of their last daily posters who has been here for a LONG time.

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Gryphon and Orgasmo got the boot I think. Thor and I remain still, but probably not for long.

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I thought you had gotten banned, Ermy. Are you leaving Hugelol too? Cause, either way, Admins are in for a bad surprise after Vacation.

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Half of Hugelol was on ***. That doesn't make it unfunny, calm down.


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