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EdgePT133 points
no words to express the quality of this post, 10/10

Mermegil119 points
I present you OP of Karma whoring

BreakX50121 points
Your first boner? This is like number one million for me.

Materb8or83 points
A true gentleman is always honest.

Atlas82 points
Hurting people to save their lives? What's more to want?

LordVonDerp79 points

lockhound78 points
as I am the king of Karma whoring

thor12378 points

Tara_69 points
10/18 Would fuck all three of them.

denixos60 points
The train operator risked breaking his leg while putting it in between of the ha...

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the jail never bothered me anyway

titymcswag1 point
took me a minute to realize

Cathulhu2 points
Guess what, i'm already aware of that. But maybe you can tell me how that person...


Just idiot titles.

john_faber1 point
One is a popular device used for sexual stimulation, the other is a dildo. Choos...


Haroldism2 points
MFW the kid got hit by a bus

ferock2 points
kingdom of kupa keep?

Skarok1 point
Seven is the perfect number