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StarZPwn30 points

Monohead21 points

GideonGraves20 points
I hate it when I fall asleep on an MRI table without doing my homework and then ...

woooow another ignorant fuck that hates the star wars prequels even if they had ...

fun_playyer716 points

fun_playyer715 points

ffswe14 points
holy shit this site has turned in to complete garbage


hurdurhur13 points
cya, I always liked your content, kinda sad to have you leave aswell

Forthesrs11 points
Big surprise, Fox being a failure of a news corporation.

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VIadimirPutin60 points

maplememe125 points
HAHAHAHAHAHA There is no hope left for humanity.

mfw you post a link to a rection gif

kidneystealer71 points
This is the general form of a fourier series. You can't solve this because there...

TerraN71 points
Yep, confirmed. 9gag = Hugelol.