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Today's best comments
ArchangelHex24 points
I knew they existed!

jonathan33316 points
the title says it all

WhyBannDreX12 points
thought it couldn't get worse. and then I came to the last sentence. "good...

semir32112 points

There are beta males, and then there's this guy. He's run off the end of the Gr...

cedric9 points
The "for a month of Steam" part is completely pointless here.

AssWizard9 points
He spent his GBP on a watch? f*cking normie

Rodario9 points
Is that Morgan Freeman?

daud_ici8 points
b*tch I'd suck Gaben's dick for a month, period.

cedric7 points
Does anyone still think any of those are real?

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flyingcake31 points I'm using this ***ty phone unfrienl...

Niracuar36 points
"I go to 4chan i'm so edgy and cool"

omgroflrofl28 points
Boy you are wrong. Courts only grant custody to the father if the mother is prov...

erede00725 points
Intense plane dogfight

4TAKTER40 points