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It was a bit split up, but here's the post Valerie first replied to. Bored had been pretty vocal prior to this -

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"Because of the short length of your ban"
>Banned for 5 months

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The one who claimed she liked the idea of Bro/Sis incest - and also doesn't like the Balkans, Sexbots or Virgins going after her.
She has caused some controversy on HDL in recent months (ask a HDLer for more details)

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I was considering it tbh. Maybe next time

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That is good to hear sir, here's your posting passport.

SLS - ShitLordSupreme. Didn't feel like writing out his full name.

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Providing you adapt to our culture, uphold our traditions and do not cause trouble we will welcome refugees like yourself, SLS, Anon90 and others.

As Hiddenlolers, I hope those demands don't seem too unreasonable to you.

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I'm sorry, I'll remember to include you next time

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Alright, before anyone says anything, yes I'll get round to learning how to do image tracking in video in time, but this was pretty quickly rushed together.

Congratulations to Nikio97 on 100k karma, well deserved buddy. For anyone curious, WB / Tacos were chosen as Nikio claims to be their apprentice / underling (And Tacos dies), while Lolwutwoot was chosen for being the highest ranked remaining user. Some other references exist, but don't read too much into it. As always I expect no attention, but hope you all have a good day.

Obligatory YT / HD Link:
Source: Circle of Life - Lion King

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This... This is Glorious

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