kosobi · 4-Year Club · 1 points ·
Holy crap. Un-***ing-believable. I actually read it. It's pure propaganda.

This deserves a South Park treatment indeed.

kosobi · 4-Year Club · 2 points ·
Ah, so just a retard's logic then. "If you're not an apple then you surely must be a grape"

kosobi · 4-Year Club · 5 points ·
how did he support Clinton? or is it just 4chan making shit up?

kosobi · 4-Year Club · 14 points ·
tells you a lot about the state of the US, doesn't it ;p ? I also have trouble recognising lately whether something is a meme or something he actually said/done.

kosobi · 4-Year Club · 6 points ·
He should release a collab album with that uganda pastor obsessed about gays' poop.

kosobi · 4-Year Club · 2 points ·
Why are these never funny? Serious question. Islam has so much potential to be bashed for, yet 99% of the posts attempting to do that are so bad. Out of hundreds of them I have seen, I laughed twice.

Somehow christianity bashing posts are funny very often. Perhaps because it's easier to bash since it's more relatable?

kosobi · 4-Year Club · 6 points ·
Did he really say he learns a lot by watching tv? He might actually the dumbest president in the last 100 years then.

kosobi · 4-Year Club · 1 points ·
from wikipedia "being over 21 and engaging in sexual relations with a minor of that age (14) does not constitute an offense by itself". Is it wrong? As long as the minor doesnt state he/she was raped, it's ok in the eyes of the law. So basically a normal relationship.

kosobi · 4-Year Club · 1 points ·
Just checked it again. Yup, you can legally *** a 14-year old kid in Germany.

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I like it when the red water comes out.
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