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I think this would make a glorious last comment...

F*ck you! You do nothing for this community aside from hating on posters. To you, and all the little c*nts like you, you should block all posters and stick with virals. Or eh, why not simply go with virals? Go look at these wonderfull curtains and have fun!

You're pure cancer.

But, at least I know now, you're not part of this community. You're just a kid with some extra time, thinking he knows everything.

I'm glad at least that they are so many good users, trying their best even though life is so f*ckin hard and depressing. I'm glad so many people are doing their best to have fun, to enjoy life!

I have nothing to lose now, go die you cancer! And every little piece of shit like you that told me my meems were [email protected] stuff, all you, go get ebola!

Anyone else, keep on posting great content or keep on lurking. This site is complete garbage, we steal memes and circlejerk like crazy... but at least, it's ours. It is unique.

Edit : Was drunk as f*ck when I wrote that. Still leaving it anyway

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Hey everyone.
I'm not very good with good bye, but yeah, this is it for me.

It's been quite a year, I don't even have the 1 year club achievement yet actually. I've had a lot of fun entertaining you guys. Sadly, I take no fun posting anymore at all. Seeing my post reach front seems mundane to me now.

I've seen this comming, so I really did train Nikio into becoming a better shitposter. He'll carry on my legacy and maybe reach 200k karma faster than I did.

Carry on people, Senior Tacos is out.

But eh, who knows, maybe I'll change my mind in a month.

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Why don't you show us your pretty face again ?

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>Be me, playing Fallout New Vegas with a friend. We're playing "Tyrone the nibba"
>We decide to go at the Brotherhood of steel.
>They start talking to us, we don't understand half of what they are saying, but somehow they let us in.
>They are all armor and armed, better keep it low and simply steal stuff.
>Friend is playing, we are told about a way to self destruct the base.
>Friend tries to steal the key for the selfdestruct button, gets caugh, fires in the face of the guy that caught us hoping he would die and everything would be fine.
>Guy survives
>The whole brotherhood wants to kill us now
>Better load, we can't do this
>Last saves is 5 hours ago... RIP
>End up camping in a toilet, using toilet water to very slowly regenarate HP, killing one enemy every 15 minutes.
>All we have left is bullet for our sniper, Tyrone is dumb, Tyrone uses sniper as a shotgun thanks to the magic of VATS
>Develop a method to make sneak critical attacks using our sniper-shotgun
>Takes us over 10 hours to kill everyone
>Tyrone is now the richest man on earth, owning dozen of power armor and an arsenal big enough to take on anyone

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I'll leave you off the hook since I like ya

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I've been doing this for almost a year, sorry buddy!

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I stole all that, thanks

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Yeah... I lied.
I stole it and have no idea why it's written that for "pop" sounds

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Any character.*

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