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Only you can answer this question

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Hover on karma points and it'll appear, but only if you've opened a tab for the post you want to see the points of

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But you're the one...

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Moving on can be such a hard process. We become stuck in the past and feel like going foward is impossible and that nothing matters anymore.
But as you can see, while Gondola is not moving and first deluded with the ghost of his past, the train keeps going foward, forcing him to go on. And as the train goes on, the past fades away.
Gondola is still in pain, but he is now ready to start moving on. Gondola is not strong, he is just like us. But he will move on.
While he is alone now, I know he has someone waiting for him somewhere. There is always someone, even if we blind ourselves into thinking the opposite. And when we really are alone, there might just be someone waiting in the next corner.

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It is with a very heavy heart that I upvote this one

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There are 14,000,605 where he can take a seat

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No Renai Circulation playing in this comment? Well I can downvote it freely then

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I will defend them on my own with the power of anime and frienship

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While I definitly didn't think someone would actually do it, you do have my upvote anyway. This song compells me to upvote anything with it

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