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It was actually my first contact with him. I felt like he was a lurker like me that made the crucial decision to become a important shitposer out of the blue. We talked a bit and it was quite interesting. I wouldn't call him a friend yet, but he sure could become one.

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Sorry but I only kept this one

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I mean, I'm fine now. I have many friends, people are nicer than ever. Life actually is at it's best I would say. But, now I feel like I have responsabilities. I've been working way too much lately and it's pretty hard, but it feels great. I wanted to stop shitposting for a little bit to focus on other things, but then my good friend VonBaron asked me to provide meme because he was sadly running out.
Having about an infinite amount of memes, I accepted my duty and started shitposting like the madman that I am, but I have less time for many things I wanted to do, I sleep less.
It's quite a life I tell you! But it's a lot of fun, so I guess it's fine.

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I can restart as many time as I want. Aren't you getting a little tired Bones?

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Please talk to me old amigo. I'm lonely.

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Furry should always be off-limit. Cat ears or a little tail are ok tho if you feel like you could falter

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Try walmart