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A fight with Sponge_Hitler wasn't enough and now you're trying to pick a fight with me? Not very wise of you

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They are cursed to walk upside down

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Alright sorry, I'll go back to posting anime memes.

But more seriously: That's your opinion. Facts are: Several people told me they love D&D memes and 75% of them have been reaching front.

As always, if I realise people get bored of them I will stop, else, I'll keep em coming.

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Template. I think it has some neat potential

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I can't even explain how relatable this is. Right now, if I'm not prepared enough for a session I just put very minor things in the way of my players to keep them busy because I know that if I mention something, they will do everything in their power to make sure it's been interacted with in the most illogical way possible.

I think the worst are doors. In my very first quest, my players had to storm a goblin lair with an evil priest using the goblins to assault a near by village. They reached the door. Instead of oppening it or looking for alternate entrance, they decided to knock.

On the other side was a bugbear. He knew no goblin would be acoustic enough to knock on the door and decided to gather some goblin to ready up in case it was enemies. They then proceeded to knock for 10 minutes. In this time the whole bunch of goblins gathered at the door. When they finally opened the door there was a bunch of goblin ready to throw rocks at them.

They barely survived the fight, and I still don't understand why all my players agreed that knocking on the door of a goblin lair was a good plan.

But you know what? They did the same ***in thing a month later in an ogre lair.

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Join our discord, plenty of autistic people ready to make more frenz. Link is on my profile description

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I'll keep em coming then

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As I kinda said, each DM have their on way to make things. Usually the player will create most of the lore for his character and the DM will make sure it fits in the story / universe. So, if your DM is fine with you going on a vendetta agaisnt the other player, well so be it. Usually thought, that would be what we call "Metagaming", having your character act based on things the player knows, but the character shouldn't know. It's usually shunned upon.

I have a talk with my players before a game asking them not to betray each other since I believe it to be unfair and not fun. I definitly do my best to avoid situations like this, but they happen to other people.

TL;DR : It is both unfair to betray your friends and to make another character to avenge yourself.

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In D&D, if your DM allows it, then anything is possible. That being said, I don't think any DM would allow this because it doesn't make sense. Your 2nd character doesn't know the first one and shouldn't have any reason to do that. It would also be quite unfair to have two characters if everyone else has one.

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I don't think it's relevant in this case

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