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I mean, I can understand...
Who would want their pet to catch the autism?!

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Thanks for the worries!

I'll be back when I have more time and I wanna work on something special for the next post since I will be the user with the most posts, beating i_kappa... which was clearly a bot, but eh, whatever.

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If you mean me, I'm just busy with college, new job, and some other life stuff.

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Accros the two official Hugelol Discords there are about 600-700 unique users, and many more lurkers.

Perhaps in your head there is another audience, but there also was a real one, and they appreciated your work.

You leave a perfect ratio, which will mark the history of this shithole we call home. You have done great, thanks for the great work.

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Exactly, it's also fairly common for 4chan post where the Anon is acoustic. These joke are best experienced with the mindset that Anon is making this on purpose, imo

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You explained the joke. It's been like this for a long time, everyone knows, Anon is acoustic.

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Robotnos: I will destroy half the universe to save the other half.
Some dude: Why don't you make more ressources to save everyone?

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My favorite part is 0:00 - 2:02

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You have my blessing


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