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It's always been.
I never liked him and only very recently started watching some videos every now and then, but I never thought he was a bad content creator.
You can say several things that are bad about him... and anyone really. But he many find him funny and interesting, he is very involved in the youtube community, several charity, somehow manages to go throught all the media hate and still make daily videos.

Subscribing to him means you like his content, which is meems, gaming, a bit of a lot things. Yeah, nothing wrong with that.

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Mine is lel

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Sociopaths of the old times: I'm going to kill every man
Progressist sociopath: I'm going to kill not just the man, but the woman, the children, and the furries too

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Go to sleep amigo

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Some people might ask why the title isn't "Improvise, adapt, overcome".
To that I answer: Modern problems require modern solutions.

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Wise words my old master

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I simply desire more OC and it takes like a second to upvote something!

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It's been a long time, but I still upvote your comment even if I hate it just because it still makes me unconfortable that you remove your own upvote

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I'm glad you're back amigo

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Here you go amigo

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