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sudo touch woman

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They can't be named after themselves because their names are mom and dad, duh

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Plot twist: the wingman then delivered and she later got a load of this guy

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get your dog checked, I think it has autism

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put a frame of the gif in the corner of every page of the magazine so it can be played as a thumb cinema

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Ugh, it's just some meson decay that scientists don't understand yet, and they are continuing researching it. Without knowing more than that, the title is pure sensationalist clickbait.

"The secret lies in an elusive, unstable particle called a B meson, which isn’t biodegrading according to plan." ...biodegrading? A meson? Looks like our smoothbrain journalist went a bit overboard googling synonyms.

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Top 10 weapons too brutal for war

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Could their sales dip possibly be related to their "be less white" publicity?


Nah, it's those damn millennials again.

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lol yep.

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