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a glider plane with a retractable propeller being piloted by a laughing monkey while angry anthropomorphic t-rexes on the ground stare up at him and roar

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wow this is really throwing me back to school. just like then, i read the questions and can't even answer a single one. this triggered my brain's school exam panic response.

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great!! thanks mate. i have been trying to get this gif for almost 10 years so, really big thanks!

Airbourne92 · Gold Club · 1 points ·
thank you very much! can you make the head a little smaller? somewhere between Yodas original head and dobbys head now?

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hey folks, i think a lot of you could benefit from the youtube channel The School of Life. they've been a great help to me, maybe they will be for you too.

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please replace Yoda's head from this gif with Dobby's head from this gif (without Dobby's finger)

Airbourne92 · Gold Club · 1 points ·
alright... let's do it mate

Airbourne92 · Gold Club · 3 points ·
can you put the head from the gif onto Yoda? i tried many times and utterly failed

Airbourne92 · Gold Club · 3 points ·
pretty good, thanks! i thought more like a dobby head gif, e.g. the head from this gif (without the finger) to keep the "getting ready for battle" aura of the original yoda gif

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please put Dobby's head on Yoda's body

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