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"Descent" implies that we're not already at rock bottom

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Completely aside from the characters they're cosplaying, there's several things I don't like:
-Colours are mostly bad, red is okay
-Hood with full face exposed is something I don't like
-They go beyond thicc and into unappealing fat. No idea how they still have curves, maybe corset under the morph suit.
-These are clearly fabric and not latex.

The suit are at least not nearly as badly fitted as I've seen before.

Overall, I can't rate this any higher than 3/10. It's bad, but barely manages to rise above "openly repulsive".

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A couple people have complained about full rubber not looking human enough to be attractive. That's more than enough for me to slap that idea onto the meme template. The title itself should be pretty self-explanatory.

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There's at least a chance that that's actually Cellophane, a cellulose-based plastic wrap alternative that is biodegradable.

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My first (and only) thrift store computer just had some personal documents and a cracked installer for 2015 photoshop. Not the installed program mind you, just the installer. It was also originally an XP machine but it had win7 installed.

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>Your gold has become corroded

Wow, brimstone is some serious shit

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One can always dream of a return

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