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OMG you can't just ask people why they're grey man.

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old but gold

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How is Jafar white? hoe is anyone in there white? They are as brown as the sand they'll play in.

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Okay, assuming that is corect data (because its sauce is deleted), what would you suggest in order to even remotely tackle that problem, without going full nazi on people? Or are you just complaining?

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Yeah, but they do that shit for money, while thots have all the dudes around until they sttle down. Way more fun.

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plus the article is 20 years old, you can't even use that info anymore. Culture has changed.

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Damn man, where have you been when I was picking the title.

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Omg dude, why don't you approve of prequel memes anymore? Thought you said the magic word.

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Tigger Tigger!