pokematic · 2 points ·
You're welcome bro.

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I wish the best for you and your family in this. It's not that hard for the person but it is for the family.

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DNR type thing? My grandpa is in a similar state of "I'm done fighting, if my number is called I'll answer without question." He's also 96 but hasn't had anything like that recently.

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pokematic · 4 points ·
Anything in particular or just "adult responsibilities can be that way sometimes?"

pokematic · 5 points ·
Oh wow, I hope you heal alright and can get back to being the sexy adonis fighter we know you as.

pokematic · 4 points ·
Go for it.

pokematic · 2 points ·
But you guys do beat each other up, right? Or is that saved for your enemies and rivals?

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The week went pretty well. On Thursday I got a used car from my parents, that was a lease I had 6 years ago. When I went to the blue tooth device manager to add my phone I found my old flip phone still paired to it, which game me some major nostalgia. Then today because I had some extra vacation time I lose at the end of the year I took the day off, and spent the day getting insurance for the car and getting ready for the craft show I'm going to tomorrow. Since I got nostalgic about my old phone, and I still miss my windows phone, I'll have a windows phone please.

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If long hair didn't give me sensory problems, I would.

You probably know my face if you sort by fresh or rising (because I never make it to front); it haunts your dreams at night. gigalol:pokematic

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