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I shouldn't have turned the sound on

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Wait, I am still gonna be ugly in the next life ??

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I wish I could but I don't know man, it seems I have lost all creativity. Back in the days I made hilarious memes on paint to get crowned king of facebook.
Now I'm half depressed, demotivated plus I'm on a ***ing mac, I can't use paint and I'm too retarded to use photoshop or even crack it.
I'm also a hiddenlol refugee so I'm not quite sure my sense of humor is fit for the community. I don't get half of your geek references.
Well I'll try to work on some text or verbal jokes I can just screenshot.

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I vote far right but I screw an arab.
What you gonna say now ?

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Hey, yo. Wassup' ? ... Nice. Nigga. Haha...
Don't mind me I'm just singing gen z music.

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Always upvote meshuggah posting

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My broken back will finally come in handy

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I was depressed back then but life still made sense and internet was dope.
Now I'm mentally fine but everything is bland, grey and boring.
Keep your head up my man