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With agriculture they could grow their population, create a state, and rise a big army.
Also they got a lot of epidemics, they built immunity then spread it to communities around them.
If you are curious about this read against the grain

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Yes my man, i liked before seeing your profile picture and I'm not surprised.
Meat team rpz
Read against the grain, people.

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It's a really ancient symbol
I suggest you to watch survive the jive on youtube if you are interested.
Indo Europeans were kind of nomads and invaded the whole continent destroying every opposition because they had horses and chariots.
But in short, yeah, hunter gatherers were peak humanity.

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Et qu'est-ce qu'elle lui a dit, au mur ?

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The last panel is accurate since undereducated africans come in Europe to work as slaves

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Oh man, that was the ad in HDL if I remember right

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looks like his feet are backwards

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That's my country
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