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thanks fam

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Link to the song please?

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dude I'm agreeing with you :v

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Politicians win, everyone else loses.


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on the us example, there are pro-dems and pro-reps mainstream media, each fulfilling the role you described.

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No one: [empty]
The meme: [insert the proper meme]


Therapist: x doesn't exist
[insert picture of x]

Especially the second one how is that even supposed to be funny, the contradiction? The fact that you can know what the punchline will be? idk seems lame to me

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and yall mfs don't forget to tip the barkeeper an upvote

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Oh boi here we go


I'll probably be looking for another job since this is quite shitty - when customer's contact us oftentimes we have to repeat like idiots that "we will escalate/our internal departments are working on your case" and the internal departments take weeks to answer.

Two departments end up working on cases so ridiculously unimportant, doing things through lenghty processes that can be and should be automated

The schedule changes day to day and because three other people miscommunicated and did not follow their own arrangements, I have to work on my birthday from noon to 8pm instead of having the promised day off and enjoying the day with my family.

I could say *** that but a) my ass is too conflict-free to bring it up immediately plus I need time to process things.

I was told that from now on it will be automated (scheduling work was done by hand for over two years........... and we're supposed to be partially a fintech comapny), but lo and behold, I can forsee the future and state the fact that first of all, this new scheduling algorithm will get introduced one or two months late, then for one or two months it will not work properly and when it does work properly, it will assign us some ridiculous shifts that are on the opposite sides of the clock on day-to-day basis.

What I'm really concerned about is that in neither of the 5 workplaces I've had so far was there any semblance of sanity. Really. A publishing company with no software for writing or publishing, another one in economic department where 6 people were manually doing what could be reduced to 20 lines of code, a corpo where in my dept the less you knew about the responsibilities and the workings of our dept, the higher you would be promoted, another department when during the reporting month people would work for 16h/day and literally type as their tears fell on their keyboard. And now this where for 2.5 years something as pathetically basic and simple as scheduling is so unreliable and chaotic.

Now what I'm REALLY concerned about is that there is no workplace out there where things simply... work. Where my work looks like I'm told it will look. Where shit doesn't change every few weeks on one extreme or NOTHING happens for years on the other. I feel pathetic having to bear the burden of other adults disagreeing with one another.

And while social media is by no means a good representation of reality, I see my friends going on holidays, meeting up, going out etc while I do not do that. And one of the reasons is obviously this ***ed up schedule that changes constantly and ***s up all the other of my plans, but the other is that despite going through all of this I haven't moved forward a single step in my life, apart from getting the degre. That's the only thing that happened for 5 years, and two of my siblings finished high school. All my life's progress so far.

I'm even reluctant to meet with the few friends I have since I've got nothing other to offer than whining about the same things I've been whining about for the past half a decade.

It's been my plan for years that if by the end of 25 this system does not work, I will *** it and assume a different path than career/academic one, at least until I can afford it, and I don't mean only financially.

Starting October I will have no tolerance for such work bullshit and if they fire me, tough luck, I prefer to work elsewhere for less money than to work in a place where my life is at full stop due to my work's impossibility to get even the slightest things done properly.

Rant out, mostly work focused today but that is a huge source of bitterness in my life right now.

Whiskey please, thank you.

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dude this is a memesite please go back to fb with these wannabe political posts

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there's more than one entity called "the media" you know that right? there's a 4d media compass and some of it will inevitably be behind you and some other part will be against and most won't give a damn or just use your work to support their claims (or dismiss their opponent's) while not caring what you represent.

End of the minirant

I was supposed to block HL, then realised I'm bored without a hobby so here I am
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