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I've made only 3 pieces so far, but I'll upload them soon :)

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Plus I finally started landing decent jobs, so that's also a relief - not being broke is sure helpful when one wants to get their social life together or start dating someone

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Yesterday I wrote to my groupchat that I feel lonely and went to sleep. My bro woke me up an hour later, saying that one of the dudes from the chat is spamming me with calls. I picked it up, and turns out he was at a silent disco when he read that I feel lonely, and decided to check on me - we ended up talking all the way until he got home.

That's super sweet and makes me appreciate hugelol even more, since I got to know him from here. He's a great guy and I'm happy to have a friend like him.

Get you a friend who calls from a party in a different country to make sure you don't feel lonely.

P.S. I started doing pixelart and I'm quite happy with my results :)

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hey, as long as we have memes amirite?

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ngl looks like he did that on purpose

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I'm glad you're posting tho :) 7 years is sure a hell of a time

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Oy vey/10

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I was like "damn there's really people who think like this" then he sais WBC and it all made sense