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ps thanks for the metric conversion

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I don't wanna be slut-shamed based on my apperance.
I wanna be judged for the filth and degeneracy on the inside.

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I’m sorry to hear that, I hope it gets better

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I can only tell you of it from my own experience and the things I've heard that might or might not be true.

It all began in a distant past of 3-4 weeks ago, I was but a young lad, barely uploading the occational meme once a month to this site.

Then I heard it, the rumble. Something was amiss!
I saw people changing their pfp's to this purple suit.
for a few days I cared little for it, until I stumbled upon its origin, relayed by Skoolknight, you know, the Zucest'er guy.
The suit was from a picture of Buzz Lightyear, that someone in a tweet claimed was used as a hidden symbol for racists/homophones to secretly get in touch with each other.
I his tweet was heavily replied by people thanking him for sharing the warning.

All of them were using the purple suit pfp.

That made it a bit funny.

Then maybe, some people on this site actually thought it was for real a sign of racism/homofobia.
That made it hillarious!

Then came the prophecy.
The idea of aligning the stars or something, in essence: have a purple suit on all the top 10 weekly posters.

The dream seems distant since many top posters care little for the prophecy or getting inline with the "getting in touch" joke.

But it made me try to post more, testing various memes and stuff, even getting on the top list twice now.

However, there might be some drawback to the movement.
Such as more quantity of uploads does not neccesarily make for better entertainment.

and of course rumors persists off:
Mass Downvotes or upvotes on memes depending if they're a purple-suiter or not.
It somehow drove profilic HL:er Tom89 to leave the site.
It ressurected Slov__
Milk started to sour instantly and the purple gang is the first sign of the death of the site.

I hope message find you well and has helped clarify the events somewhat for you.

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Its all those porn junkies leaving their used porn needles around!

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Thor: Love and Thunder

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it just goes on and on...

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His first letter is also kinda shitty, barely readable, he can't spell properly, poor grammar and its made out to Santa.
So much for the genious of Tesla >.>