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I haven't left, just switched countries and jobs so don't really have the time to post

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If I knew that it was for your birthday, I would have sent even more money!

Enjoy your big day and keep on going with the quality meems

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Actually the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth stretched out from the Baltic sea to the Black sea and you shouldn't be taking into account the current geographical state of the country as it has not much to do with the historical place of Poland on the map (which was much more to the east, including the current Belarus and eastern Ukraine).

For century Poland was neighboring the Ottoman empire and was near-constantly in war with them. As back then the Polish army was one of the best in Europe they were indeed a barrier to the Ottoman expansion in Central Europe and didn't save Vienna based on self-defense as you claim, but due to a defensive alliance pact with Austria.

I have heard that Jan III Sobieski was approached by the Ottomans to join forces to conquer all of Europe but rejected it due to religious reasons as he wanted to protect Christian Europe from Muslim invaders (I can't find a source for this so don't take it for granted)

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And here is the guy's youtube page if you want:

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The CotD achievement just takes into account comments that were posted between 00:01 and midnight (GMT) of that day, so it's possible that you posted it before so your comment was only taken into account for the CotD of the previous day where you obviously didn't get enough points to get it.

This makes it possible that CotM or CotY go to someone who never got a CotD

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Here is the first episode for those who missed it:

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This is the kind of things that make me question my faith... Maybe Ricardo is the only true God after all?

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This is relevant in answering your question - basically it looks like those guys couldn't do anything without magic...

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On the 8th day, God said "Admins are gay" and God saw it was true
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