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Well, I adapted mine to be more Christian friendly and not imply extra-marital intercourse

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At least priests are not killing any human lives

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You might notice that "my ass" is written over the iron throne, leading to the humoristic idea that my mom is whipping my buttocks to a fire red color.

Christianity is also being taught through corporal punishment

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What I like most is that his mother basically works 10h/7 and he sells it as "a few hours"

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I did, but think this one has a better fitted music

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Moses didn't age a single bit

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How do you want to maintain 100,000 karma if you start posting again?

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That is a tough question as both showed great fighting skills in their time:
-Jesus when cleansing the Temple with his whip
-Moses killing an Egyptian who was beating up a jew

Let's then assume that Moses would not know that he is fighting his own God. And as Jesus' motto is "Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also" he would probably get a whooping from an angry Moses blinded by his rage