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It's hot, i'm sweating while doing nothing and i hate it here even more, but that will soon change. i found a company that's recruiting workers for the Netherlands and hopefully next month i will finally leave this shithole and never plan on returning.

The bike which i crashed back in may is still in repairs and i don't know if it'll be done before i leave, but it's not like i plan on taking it with me or riding it to the other side of Europe.
Also there is a 3 day metal festival at my city, for which i bought tickets at the start of the year and it is the reason for my delay in departing from here. Hopefully the bands put on a good show without any political messages like the last 2 years and the beer isn't even more expensive.

There is also a girl, former coworker at my last job, who is way younger than me, just finished high school, which makes her 18 or 19 and she wants to meet with me tomorrow. Normal people would probably call it a date, but i'm here and we all know we ain't normal here.
Not really sure why i'm going either, i'm not into the whole dating and relationships thing, i tried it when i was 18-20 and that was it, i gave up on that and never chased anyone. Also tried the sex back then and was kind of disappointed in the whole ordeal, so since that time i've been in the 2D realm.
Meh whatever happens, happens. i'm not hoping for anything, probably disappoint her with my edgy jokes or something like that, not looking for baggage anyway since i'm leaving.

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I'm the bigoted, racist, autistic, mentally ill, needy and insecure one.

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I will die here.
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